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small business funding

Small Business Funding Directories

When you have a small business and are looking for finances there is a special category that you can look for that caters to small business funding. There are many firms who offer various types of loans or may even offer an investment in the business, however to find all of these takes a lot of time. For certain types of small business funding there are deadlines each year, so it is imperative that you find them quickly and act upon it in the correct way before the deadline date. The fastest and easiest way to find this small business funding or any firm connected to it is through the use of directories.

Directories can be found online or offline, but they are more convenient when you can find them on the internet not only because of time issue but because they are updated more often. These directories are filled with sources of small business funding and practical business advice. Sometimes you can find just general directories with a subsection for small business funding, but there are others that are only associated with this topic.

One such directory can be found at You will find many links to various types of information pertaining to small business funding, starting a business, marketing, banking, and more. They offer free brochures of over one hundred varieties to assist you with your business to make it more successful. They have a special section for women in business, technology, franchises, as well as various article and news sections that you can browse. This is a complete directory for all of your small business funding needs, and so much more. It is highly recommended that you take the time to visit this site and see what they have to offer. When you do, if you have a question regarding small business funding, they have experts there that can give you an answer. These individuals specialize in a number of areas so you are sure to find someone that can help. is another directory that can provide you with insight on where to locate small business funding. There is a search option, narrowing down the agencies to where you are located. When using the search for small business funding, a list of all of the agencies dealing with this topic will be listed. Then you will have a place to start and can begin your research on each one accordingly. They also have a number of links on the left side of the homepage to guide you to where to would like to go. At the top of the pages there are some tabs that you can click on. You will find the directory, jobs, business advice centre, FreeIndex, and inbox there. These are all there to serve you as much as you can put them to use.

You will find another good source as This is a general business directory but they do include the small business as one of their subtopics. You will find many links here for grants that you can apply for from the government and other agencies for small business funding. You will even find the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Executive here at this site. It is really one of the most comprehensive directories for businesses including links pertaining to small business funding. Other than these links you will also find articles written on starting and running a business, and other topics similar to these. They are worth taking a look at as many are written from people who have had experience in this field. They can offer good insight as to what to expect and how the process works.

Business Gateway, found at is a common source for various types of information. When you register you have access to all of their sources, whether it is for small business funding, or business advice. This website is slightly simpler than the rest of them, but is still a very good source for information. There are many articles ranging in topics from filing tax returns online, to managing the impact of swine flu on your business. Included within all of this abundance of information is a true story about how a business started up and got moving on their way to success. Registration is free, so the only thing that you will be spending by visiting this site is your time. Anything that can help you get the adequate amounts of small business funding is worth this time.

If you want to start with something more general to find small business funding then you can use Yahoo! Search for UK and Ireland. They have many different categories for businesses to find various pieces of information. The page is divided up between the business finder, categories, and site listings. If you peruse the site listings first, they will point you in the directions of other directories or portals that will bring you closer to achieving your goal of finding small business funding. All of those listed serve the United Kingdom so there will be no confusion as to whether you fill those requirements or not, unless they only serve specific parts of the UK.

There are more directories that can help you find the small business funding that you are looking for. Before using your time looking through all of its pages, make sure it is for those in the United Kingdom, then check for any qualifications needed, plus the terms and conditions.  There are certainly going to be some, but grants generally have more than any other type of small business funding.

When asking for investments in your company you will always need to have your numbers absolutely correct, so when you are reading the facts about small business funding, also search for the best ways to write and present an proposal ensuring that you have your figures straight. Loans might be the easiest to obtain of the three types of small business funding, but there will still be a lot of work. Give yourself a lot of time to prepare your documents before the application deadline or interview.